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When does child support end in Ohio?

When Does Child Support End in Ohio?

Whether you are the parent paying child support or receiving child support, you might wonder, when does child support end in Ohio? Child support can be stopped once a child reaches a certain age or if another special circumstance exists.  In most instances, once a child reaches the age of 18 in Ohio, court-ordered child …
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Child Support in Ohio: 5 Common Questions and Answers

Child support in Ohio is typically established and ordered by the County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), Domestic Relations Court, or Juvenile Court. Since each county has its own Child Support Enforcement Agency, Juvenile Court, and Domestic Relations Court, there are guidelines to stipulate the appropriate child support amounts. Child support can vary on a …
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Do I need a child support lawyer in Ohio?

Do I Need a Lawyer for Child Support in Ohio?

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything in life was clear and uncomplicated? In an ideal world, pursuing or modifying child support would be seamless. It’d be a smooth process with no curveballs. But in reality, it’s not always that simple. There are many factors that go into the end result of child support, which is …
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What to know about the new child tax credit

The New Child Tax Credit: What You Need to Know

The Child Tax Credit (CTC) is a component of the American Rescue Plan and is designed to provide nearly all families up to $3,600 for each child under age 6, and $3,000 for each child between ages 6 to 17. In past years, parents who filed annual taxes received a lower CTC as a part …
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Can a mother stop a father from seeing their child?

Can a Mother Stop a Father From Seeing Their Child?

When a child is born to an unmarried woman, Ohio law states that the unmarried woman has sole legal custody of the child automatically (by operation of law). When a child is born to a married couple, both the mother and father have legal custody of the child. But can an unwed mother stop a …
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shared parenting agreement

Things to Consider in a Shared Parenting Agreement

Every custody case is unique. And while formally pursuing shared parenting (ie joint custody) through the court system may seem overwhelming, it’s a wise decision compared to not having any type of custody agreement. Your main goal as you develop the joint custody plan should be to avoid gray areas and capture as much detail …
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Modify Child Support

How to Modify Child Support

In life, change is inevitable whether intended or not. Just when you start to feel settled, a curveball comes your way.  In the last year and a half COVID-19 has greatly impacted family incomes.  We can’t expect things to always stay the same, and that’s the case when it comes to child or spousal support, …
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