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Grandparents Rights

Exploring the Complexities of Grandparents’ Rights in Ohio

Under Ohio law, a court can award visitation rights to a grandparent throughout or after domestic relations proceedings. Why is this important? Children have an emotional connection to their grandparents and loved ones, and it’s important that even in the event of a divorce or legal separation, this bond is maintained.

Since the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of parents making decisions on behalf of their children, the rights of grandparents have become somewhat challenging to navigate.

A professional grandparents’ rights lawyer can help family members navigate the Ohio laws surrounding visitation rights and help to streamline the process. These types of arrangements are highly personal and emotionally driven. At The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC, we are sensitive to the complexities of family law and do our best to support our clients while also helping to work towards a positive resolution.

Ohio Laws on Grandparent Visitation and Custody

One of the most important things to understand is that grandparents do have legal rights in Ohio. Because of the nuances involved in grandparent custody and visitation rights, it is always suggested to work with a family law attorney to navigate Ohio laws surrounding grandparents’ rights.

In regards to grandparents’ rights as they pertain to custody, a grandparent is legally allowed to file a Complaint or Motion for custody. However, it is typically only granted when it can be concretely proven that both parents are unfit or unsuitable to care for the children. In Ohio, it always comes back to what is in the best interest of the children.

When it comes to grandparents’ rights in regards to visitation, under Ohio law, a court can award visitation rights to a grandparent during proceedings if the grandparent has a vested interest in the welfare of the children. In most instances, the courts require that one of the following three circumstances exist:

  1. Parents of the children are not married
  2. One or two of the parents of the children are deceased
  3. Parents of the children are in the midst of a divorce or already divorced or separated

There is no denying the grandparents’ rights laws in Ohio are complex. At The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC, our professional, board certified attorney will evaluate your unique circumstances, help you understand your options, and hold your hand as you work through the process. It is our goal to provide the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC for Grandparents’ Rights?

As a family law practice, we have had the opportunity over the past 20 years to master Ohio laws and work with our clients to navigate the innate complexities associated with child custody, child support, and grandparents’ rights. When it comes to something as important as the future and wellbeing of your children or grandchildren, we understand that trust is the most important aspect when working with a lawyer or attorney.

At The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC, we are responsive and accessible to our clients to ensure we are there when and how our clients need us most. We take great pride in our vast knowledge of grandparents’ rights laws in Ohio and we are committed to making these laws accessible and easy to understand. As a family law practice, we will always advocate for our clients and the best interests of the children involved.

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