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Ensuring Your Children Get the Ongoing Support They Need to Thrive

There is no such thing as a simple divorce when there are children involved. Every detail must be painstakingly calculated to ensure your children receive the care, custody, and ongoing support they need as they grow. And during a divorce, key decisions must be made about how child support will be handled now and well into the future.

While there are clear guidelines for calculating child support in Ohio, there are a variety of aspects and considerations that can complicate the process for both parents.

Navigating the aspects of child custody is an emotionally charged battle. Having a child support lawyer in your corner to help you do what is right for the interests of your children is essential to a positive outcome. At The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC, our child support attorney devotes his time exclusively to family law and can help you work towards a positive resolution quickly, efficiently, and gracefully.

Child Support Laws in Ohio

In Ohio, each parent is legally obligated to help provide financial support for their children to ensure all basic needs are met. It is a legal obligation until the child turns 18, and it falls on both parents whether they are married, separated, or divorced.

In most cases, the designated residential parent receives child support payments from the non-residential parent as outlined by a court. The court calculates the child support payment amount in accordance with the financial schedule provided under Ohio law.

To calculate child support payments, the Ohio court system uses a simple formula:

  1. Calculate the combined monthly gross income of both parents
  2. Estimate the combined basic support obligation based on the number of children
  3. Determine the percentage of the combined monthly gross income
  4. Calculate the basic individual support obligation

To demystify the process, the state of Ohio offers a child support calculator that you can access here.

Working with a child support attorney can help you better manage your expectations during a custody agreement as well as make the process as efficient as possible. At The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC, our board certified child support lawyer will evaluate your unique circumstances and help you start working towards a brighter future.

How The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC Can Help You Navigate Child Support in Ohio

Navigating child support on top of the emotional toll of divorce can seem daunting. But when it comes to your children, no mountain is too high to climb.

We understand the importance of getting things right during the child support process. You need a child support lawyer who is more than just a professional, you need someone who will be an asset to you during these challenging times and who will keep your needs and the needs of your children at the center of every conversation.

At The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC, we remove the guesswork from the child support laws in Ohio and help you come to a swift resolution. Working exclusively in family law since 2001, our board certified child support attorney understands the nuances involved in child support and custody in a way that allows him to be an advocate and expert in Ohio.

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