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Father thinking about child custody

How to Modify an Existing Child Custody Order in Ohio

Child custody arrangements play a pivotal role in the well-being of children and the dynamics of separated or divorced families. However, life circumstances can change, necessitating modifications to existing custody orders to better serve the child’s best interests. In Ohio, modifying a child custody order involves specific legal steps and considerations. By delving into the …
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Legal options for unmarried couples

Legal Options for Unmarried Couples in Long-Term Relationships

While marriage offers a well-defined legal framework for couples, it’s not the only path to a committed, long-term relationship. Many couples choose to forgo marriage for various reasons. But what happens when you build a life together with someone and then separate? In Ohio, legal options for unmarried couples are not the same as for …
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Divorce and bankrupcty laws

Divorce and Bankruptcy: Navigating Challenges

Facing a divorce is already emotionally challenging, but when coupled with financial struggles that may lead to bankruptcy, the obstacles can feel insurmountable. Ohio’s legal landscape presents specific considerations for those navigating divorce and bankruptcy simultaneously. From understanding how divorce settlements can impact bankruptcy filings to navigating asset division and debt discharge, it’s important for …
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Divorce and estate planning

Divorce and Estate Planning: Updating Your Will and Beneficiaries

Divorce marks a significant turning point, often prompting individuals to re-evaluate their personal and financial goals. And while you might rush to look towards the future, it’s important to take a step back. One crucial yet often overlooked aspect of post-divorce planning involves revisiting your estate plan.  Ohio laws have specific implications when navigating divorce …
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Role of parenting coordinator

The Role of a Parenting Coordinator in High-Conflict Divorce Cases

In the tumultuous landscape of high-conflict divorce cases, navigating the intricate dynamics of co-parenting demands more than just legal expertise — it requires the guidance of a seasoned professional skilled at managing emotions, resolving disputes, and fostering constructive communication.  While a family lawyer is crucial for navigating the legal complexities, there’s another key player who …
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step parent rights

Understanding Step-Parents’ Rights in Child Custody Cases

Stepping into the role of a parental figure often comes with profound emotional attachments and responsibilities, yet the legal rights of step-parents and obligations can be a little more complex. In the heart of custody battles, step-parents often find themselves struggling with where they fall within the legal framework. Understanding step-parents’ rights in child custody …
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mom and daughter relocating after divorce

Relocation After Divorce: How to Navigate Child Custody and Visitation

Post-divorce, relocating can be a daunting experience, especially when children are involved. Even if you made it through your initial divorce proceedings with some level of ease, when you are considering a move, there are some intricate aspects of managing custody arrangements that you must consider. So, whether you’re considering a move or already committed …
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step parent adoption

Step-Parent Adoption: A Comprehensive Guide for Ohio

For many families, the decision to pursue legal adoption marks a significant chapter, one filled with joy, challenges, and a maze of legal formalities. This comprehensive post aims to demystify the steps, requirements, and nuances involved in step-parent adoption within the state of Ohio.  Whether you’re just entering the research phase for the first time …
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types of alimony

Understanding the Different Types of Alimony in Ohio

Whether you call it “alimony” or “spousal support,” the complexities are the same. In Ohio, the goal is to find an equitable approach to financial aid after marriage dissolution. However, if you’re going through a divorce, you might be confused by the different types of spousal support available.  It is your right to explore the …
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