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Finding Your Fresh Start with Help from a Marriage Annulment Lawyer

No matter how hard you try, some marriages just aren’t meant to last. While some couples can find resolution through counseling, for others, it can be clear that it is best for everyone involved to end the union. When that happens, couples must decide what option makes the most sense for ending the marriage: divorce, dissolution of marriage, or an annulment.

Under Ohio law, an annulment is when the court system terminates the marriage and mandates that it never took place. To be granted an annulment in the state of Ohio, the reason for ending the marriage must fall under one of the following grounds for nullification:

  1. One person in the marriage was under the legal age to consent (females must be 16 years old, and males must be 18.
  2. One person committed fraud against the other to coerce them into marriage (ex. false identity, claiming pregnancy).
  3. One spouse was still legally married to another person who is alive.
  4. Someone was not competent enough to agree to the marriage.
  5. The marriage was forced under duress.
  6. The couple never consummated the marriage.
  7. The marriage was same-sex or bigamy.

If you are pursuing an annulment in Ohio, it’s necessary to work with a professional marriage annulment attorney to help you understand the grounds for annulment. At the Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline, we will work one-on-one with you to explain your options and determine the next steps for your annulment case. It is our goal to move through the process efficiently so you can move on with your life.

How to Get a Marriage Annulment in Ohio

In Ohio, there are two main types of marriage annulments. The first, void marriages, are considered immediately invalid and don’t require a court order to be annulled. Void marriages involve things like incest, same-sex unions or bigamy cases. The second, voidable marriages, are those that are valid but can be declared void under certain circumstances. These types of marriage annulments require a hearing before a judge to prove the grounds for annulment.

A voidable annulment requires at least one of the above-mentioned grounds be proven in court. This type of marriage annulment requires paperwork to be filed with the court and a court hearing to present evidence as well as any witnesses that can help to support the annulment claim.

Annulments don’t typically cost more than traditional divorces, yet they can last a year or two if both parties struggle to determine an amicable agreement for the termination of marriage. It is best to seek counsel from a qualified marriage annulment attorney to go over your options for a divorce or annulment.

How the Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline Can Help

Marriage separation is difficult. When you’re unsure whether you should move forward with an annulment or start the divorce process, we can help. At the Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline, we are experienced in family law and have more than 20 years of experience navigating clients through divorce, annulment, or dissolution of marriage. We are sensitive to the fact that our clients are looking to close this chapter of their lives and move onto the next as efficiently as possible.

At The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline, we are responsive and accessible to our clients to ensure they understand what to expect throughout the marriage annulment process. We take great pride in our experience with Ohio marriage laws, and we are committed to making these laws accessible to our clients. Allow us to advocate for you and your future in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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