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Specializing in family law and our practice areas include divorce, dissolution, child custody, child and spousal support, contempt, grandparent rights, pre-marital/nuptial agreements, and post-decree matters. We provide compassionate, high quality and cost-effective representation to our clients. We are problem solvers.

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Areas of Practice

Family Law

Family law isn’t just the break-up of a marriage: It spans a wide range of legal issues affecting a family including divorce, dissolution, unmarried parental rights and custody, child and spousal support, grandparent rights, prenuptial agreements, wills, enforcement actions, contempt, and many other matters. We know this is an emotional and stressful time for you. All cases are unique because all of our clients’ lives are different.

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When you choose to end your marriage, we are here for you. We will work with you to handle all legal aspects of your divorce including custody, property division, spousal and child support. In many cases we are able to recover attorney fees and litigation expenses. Mr. Kline handles high net income/asset divorces as he understands the intricacies of business finance, valuations, budgeting and spousal/child support calculations.

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Child Support

Child support is one of the main legal issues in a divorce and for unmarried parents, and it’s determined by a specific mathematical formula in Ohio which is called the guideline formula. If you need help with child support calculations, whether it’s establishing a new order, modifying current payments or terminating your order, KRK is here for you. We have 20+ years’ of experience working with the courts to provide the best outcome for our clients and their child(ren).

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Child Custody

If a child is born to an unmarried mother, the mother has custody until the father establishes parentage (via affidavit of paternity or DNA test) and obtains a court order for parental rights. Married parents stand on equal ground for custody of their child(ren) unless there is a best interest’s factor that deems one of the parents less desirable or unsuitable. It’s our job to showcase you as a competent, caring parent — whether you are the mother, father, or even the grandparent (or other interested person seeking custody of a child). When you choose KRK for child custody matters, our team will stand by you and fight for the best interests of yourself and your child(ren).

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