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Understanding Your Options for a Dissolution of Marriage

When you have made the difficult decision to end your marriage, whether amicably or not, it is common to feel frozen by the idea of what comes next. In Ohio, there are actually four legal ways for a husband and wife to end or alter a marriage:

Navigating your options while dealing with the hardships of your decision can be overwhelming. At The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC, we take the guesswork out of your separation and help you determine the best course of action. It is our goal to help you find a positive resolution to your marriage quickly, efficiently, and gracefully.

Understanding a Dissolution of Marriage

A dissolution of marriage is when the parties involved agree together to terminate the union. In the case of a dissolution of marriage, neither party has to prove grounds to end the marriage. Typically, a petition is jointly filed after the husband and wife have signed a separation agreement and shared parenting plan and come to a resolution regarding all property, spousal support, and child custody issues.

Once the petition is filed with the state of Ohio, the husband and wife must wait 30 days before a court will hear their case, and must have a hearing within 90 days of filing. At the hearing, the petition is reviewed, questions are answered about property and parenting and it is confirmed that both parties agree on the settlement. As long as all parties are satisfied, the court grants a dissolution of marriage and makes the separation into a court order. These hearings are currently being conducted via Zoom in most jurisdictions. In addition, a private judge is available to handle dissolution hearings remotely.

There is no other way to say it, navigating a separation is difficult. Working with a family law professional who can help walk you through the best possible option for your family is our specialty. At The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC, our board certified divorce lawyer will assist you in evaluating your unique circumstances to determine the best approach to your separation.

Why Choose The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC for a Dissolution of Marriage?

In most cases, a dissolution of marriage is a much more streamlined and less stressful process than a traditional divorce. If both parties are in agreement on the division of assets and child custody arrangements, the process can be much more efficient and cheaper than the other options for separation.

However, it is always best when planning a separation with your spouse to speak with an attorney about your divorce case. Every divorce is unique and it’s important that despite the emotional impact of a separation, you are thinking clearly about your future.

At The Law Offices of Kenneth R. Kline LLC, we recognize the importance of looking to the future and moving on with your life as quickly as possible. We also believe in the importance of doing your due diligence when it comes to divorce counsel. Our Ohio Bar Association Board Certified divorce attorney can help walk you through the nuances of a dissolution of marriage while also ensuring you understand all of your rights and the specific procedures required by Ohio law.

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