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Do I Need a Lawyer for a Prenuptial Agreement?

If you are getting married, a lot is going through your head. Planning venues, caterers, flowers, and dresses can be enough to make your head spin. But one thing you might not have put enough consideration into is a prenuptial agreement. This binding contract between you and your future spouse is generally beneficial for resolving spousal support issues, expenses during a marriage, and the division of debts and assets in the event of divorce or debt. You may be wondering, “Okay, but do I need a lawyer for a prenuptial agreement?” In short, yes if you want to end up with a clear and binding contract in Ohio.

Why Use a Lawyer for a Prenuptial Agreement?

Both you and your partner should have a qualified family law attorney to represent each of your best interests when drafting up the terms of a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements are often highly scrutinized by the courts. So, if you want your prenuptial agreement to be binding and pass any criticism, you need independent family law lawyers who can guide you and your significant other through the process. The absence of a qualified legal advisor is frequently a red flag to Ohio courts of the validity of your prenuptial agreement.

Before sitting down with a lawyer, you and your future spouse should sit down and have detailed conversations about the essential terms of your agreement. These decisions made up front will streamline the process and ensure your lawyer and your future spouse’s lawyer are on the same page.

Below are some of the terms often covered by a prenuptial agreement:

  • How specific property will be classified in the event of a divorce and whether or not it will be divisible.
  • How individual debt will be handled during a marriage and in the event of divorce
  • How property will be passed onto any beneficiaries

A qualified family law attorney in Ohio can ensure you get your agreement customized to you and your future spouse’s wishes. You can ask for specific advice about legal provisions, and you can learn the pros and cons of making certain decisions.

Even if your significant other’s lawyer has already drafted a prenuptial agreement based on your conversations, you should still have your own prenuptial agreement lawyer review the documentation. It would be best if you had unbiased advice about your rights to ensure all of your best interests are protected. A qualified family law attorney can help you start your marriage off on the right foot and ensure your best interests are protected well into the future.

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

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