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10 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer About Prenups

Questions to Ask Your Lawyer About Prenups

Planning a prenuptial agreement before your wedding is a responsible decision and a complicated one. Odds are, especially if it’s your first marriage, this is your first introduction to prenuptial (or prenup) agreements, and you probably have many questions you want to ask your lawyer about prenups.

The key to getting all of your questions answered in a way that makes sense and ensures you feel comfortable with the terms is working with a qualified prenuptial agreement lawyer in Ohio. A skilled lawyer can help you take the emotional aspects out of the prenup process and instead focus on protecting your best interests.

Top Questions to Ask a Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Here are some of the most common questions to ask your lawyer about prenups:

  1. Do you need a prenup if you don’t have anything to bring into the marriage? While most people think prenups are designed for people with money, they are often used for “regular” people.
  2. Does your spouse not trust you or the marriage? Usually, a spouse asks for a prenup to protect an asset(s) they had before entering the marriage or substantial debt accumulated before marriage.
  3. Can you use a piece of paper and skip the lawyer? There are so many reasons a lawyer can help you understand why a do-it-yourself prenup is not the best route.
  4. How much does a prenup cost in Ohio? When working with a qualified family law attorney in Ohio, you will know all costs upfront and feel comfortable in the process before making any commitments.
  5. Can the terms of a prenuptial agreement be changed in the future? Not in Ohio.

Once the process has begun, but before you sign a prenuptial agreement, be sure to ask the following more in-depth questions about prenups to an experienced family law attorney who can give you sound advice:

  1. How are prenuptial assets handled in the event of a divorce or death? If there are any assets you want to protect, such as a family home or heirlooms, they must be included in your prenup.
  2. How are debts incurred during marriage handled in the event of a divorce or death? Be sure that you fully understand your rights and protect yourself from debts your spouse incurs without your knowledge or proper consent.
  3. What will happen if you or your spouse loses a job? While you hope that doesn’t happen, you must understand what will happen if your current financial situation changes drastically.
  4. How will child support or obligations from another marriage be handled? Since separate states handle things differently, it’s essential to know what Ohio law states. You want to make sure that your spouse’s debts do not become your financial obligation should your marriage end in divorce.
  5. Will your property or business assets become marital property? If you have your property or a business, you will want to understand how Ohio handles that property once you are legally married and how it should be dictated in your prenuptial agreement.

The initial idea of a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse might seem a little unromantic, stressful or unnecessary. By working with a lawyer you trust, you can enter your marriage feeling confident you’ve made the right choice to protect yourself and your spouse.

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