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10 Qualities of an Excellent Child Custody Lawyer

Qualities of an Excellent Child Custody Lawyer

It’s natural for emotions to run high in child custody proceedings. The goal is to keep the best interests of your children as a priority, but sometimes it can become challenging. That’s why it’s important to look for the following qualities of an excellent child custody lawyer so they can pick up the slack.

Having someone in your corner who understands the nuances of child custody laws in Ohio and has the grace to navigate such a sensitive situation is invaluable.

How to Find a Good Child Custody Lawyer in Ohio

While navigating child custody is new for you, it shouldn’t be for your lawyer. A qualified child custody lawyer must possess the right experience and understanding of your case, and they should be well-versed in Ohio child custody laws to help you through the process.

When searching for the right fit for your upcoming child custody case, consider the following top qualities of an excellent child custody lawyer.

  1. Confidence – A good child custody lawyer should know when it’s appropriate to be assertive, compromising, and reasonable within court proceedings.
  2. Qualifications – Since confidence is born out of experience, you need to find someone with many years of experience in Ohio family law.
  3. Personality – Not every lawyer will be a good personality match for you, and that’s ok. If you need a child custody lawyer with compassion, find one. If you need a child custody lawyer who will give you the tough love you need, that’s fine too. Go with your gut.
  4. Communication – Your Ohio child custody lawyer should be your main point of contact. They should provide you with details about your case, any updates or changes, and anything that can directly impact your children.
  5. Diligence – Although this is probably not your lawyer’s first child custody hearing, it is probably yours. Make sure your lawyer is following through with everything that was promised at your first meeting.
  6. Objectivity – The best family law attorneys will not look at your case in a silo. They will use their knowledge of the Ohio court system to work towards positive outcomes knowing there is no black and white, clear-cut issue in any family law case.
  7. Preparation – Child custody agreements involve a lot of paperwork. Your lawyer should have everything prepared in advance to streamline the process for you and the courts. Often, the decision in custody cases is determined by the paperwork submitted by your lawyer.
  8. Experience – Don’t be afraid to ask for references, read reviews, or ask for statistics on previous child support cases. You need a child support attorney with a proven track record.
  9. Integrity – While this should go without saying, you need an Ohio custody lawyer who is honest about your case and will help you set realistic and achievable goals.
  10. Upfront – If you are paying for your child custody lawyer yourself, it’s essential to know all costs upfront. Don’t be afraid to ask about this in your first meeting, as it directly impacts your case.

Not every child custody lawyer in Ohio will be a good fit for your court case. Meet with several highly referenced attorneys and perform interviews to find the right match for you. You need to trust your representation and ensure they have your best interests at heart at the end of the day.

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