How to Get a Marriage Annulment in Ohio If you and your partner have made the difficult decision to end your marriage, you have probably spent a lot of time contemplating your relationship. And when the time comes to officially end the union for the benefit of everyone involved, it’s essential to understand the next steps, including how to get a marriage annulment in Ohio.

Understanding Ohio Marriage Annulments

In the state of Ohio, there are several ways to end a marriage, including divorce, dissolution of marriage, or annulment. Under Ohio law, an annulment is when the court mandates that a marriage never occurred and the union is officially terminated. To qualify for an annulment, there are outstanding circumstances used by the court to determine if the marriage was never legally binding.

Ohio recognizes several grounds for annulment that fall into two categories: void and voidable marriages. To file for an annulment in Ohio, one of the following grounds must be proven.

Grounds for void marriages in the state of Ohio include:

  • The spouses are blood relatives, including a first cousin or closer relative
  • It is a same-sex union
  • The marriage involves bigamy or polygamy

Grounds for voidable marriages in the state of Ohio include:

  • One or both spouses was under the legal age of consent (females must be 16 while males must be 18)
  • One person committed fraud or forced the other person to marry them, such as giving a false identity or claiming a pregnancy
  • Someone was not competent enough to agree to the marriage
  • One spouse was already legally married to another person who is still alive
  • The marriage was forced under duress
  • The marriage was unconsummated

Differences Between a Divorce and a Marriage Annulment in Ohio

In a divorce, partners may seek to end their marriage at any point in time under any circumstances. With an annulment, the grounds for termination, in most cases, must be made within the first two years of the union. If there was fraud in the marriage, it must be filed within two years of the spouse finding out the facts. However, an annulment will not be granted if a spouse continues to live with their husband or wife after the fraud is uncovered.

Through divorce, spouses have certain rights in the state of Ohio to seek spousal support and attorney fees. However, if a couple is working towards an annulment, they do not qualify for any spousal support.

How to Get an Annulment in Ohio

To obtain an annulment in Ohio, one of the above grounds must be proven in court. Paperwork will need to be filed with the court, and a hearing will take place to highlight any evidence or witnesses that support the claim for annulment.

Since annulments don’t typically cost more than a traditional divorce but can take up to two years to reach an amicable agreement, it’s imperative to have a qualified lawyer in your corner. Annulments can be complex and require a technical understanding of the law. Having an Ohio or Columbus divorce lawyer to support you through the process can make it more manageable and lead to a more positive outcome for everyone involved.

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