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Divorce in Ohio: Who Gets the House?

Posted May 10, 2022 by admin

Divorce in Ohio: Who Gets the House?

When you or your spouse files for divorce, there are probably tons of thoughts rushing through your head — and one of those first thoughts is usually about your house. Who gets the house in a divorce? What are Ohio divorce laws regarding property?… Read more

How to Get a Marriage Annulment in Ohio

Posted March 30, 2022 by admin

How to Get a Marriage Annulment in OhioIf you and your partner have made the difficult decision to end your marriage, you have probably spent a lot of time contemplating your relationship. And when the time comes to officially end the union for the benefit of everyone involved, it’s essential to understand the next steps, including how to get a marriage annulment in Ohio.… Read more

Is Emotional Abuse Domestic Violence?

Posted March 15, 2022 by admin

Is Emotional Abuse Domestic Violence?

Domestic abuse is when your partner uses a repetitive pattern of assaultive behaviors and coercion as a way to gain power and control over you, the victim. While every relationship has its highs and lows, it’s important to know what is right and wrong when it comes to the challenges in your relationship to avoid being manipulated in a harmful way.… Read more

Restraining Orders vs. Protective Orders in Ohio

Posted March 1, 2022 by admin

Restraining Orders vs. Protective Orders in Ohio

Protection orders in Ohio are designed to keep you and your loved ones safe if you have experienced any domestic violence, stalking, or sexual violence. By understanding the differences between restraining orders vs. protective orders, you can start taking the next steps to regain control of your safety.… Read more

10 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer About Prenups

Posted February 20, 2022 by admin

Questions to Ask Your Lawyer About Prenups

Planning a prenuptial agreement before your wedding is a responsible decision and a complicated one. Odds are, especially if it’s your first marriage, this is your first introduction to prenuptial (or prenup) agreements, and you probably have many questions you want to ask your lawyer about prenups.… Read more

Divorce Checklist: How to Prepare for Divorce in Ohio

Posted February 10, 2022 by admin

divorce checklist how to prepare for divorce in ohio

Going through a divorce is confusing and often stressful. Understanding the ins and outs of how to prepare for divorce in Ohio while dealing with the emotional toll is often too much to handle alone. That’s why the very first step in your divorce journey should be getting a knowledgeable Ohio divorce lawyer in your corner.… Read more

Dissolution vs. Divorce: What’s the Difference?

Posted December 10, 2021 by admin

dissolution vs divorce what's the difference

You’ve recently decided to end your marriage. Now what? Is divorce your only option, or is there another way to legally end the union?

In the state of Ohio, dissolution of marriage and divorce are two common ways to end a marriage.… Read more

5 Qualities of a Good Divorce Lawyer

Posted October 19, 2021 by admin

what qualities should a good divorce lawyer have

You’re encountering a situation no one wants to face: the need for a good divorce lawyer. You’re overwhelmed with all of the boxes you must check on your divorce to-do list. But first, how do you find the right lawyer, and what do you even look for as you search?… Read more

How a Legal Separation Works: Step by Step

Posted June 29, 2021 by admin

how a legal separation works in Columbus Ohio

When a married couple decides to part ways, they have a few options for how to do it. They can pursue a divorce, dissolution of marriage, or a legal separation. The latter option does not technically end a marriage, while the first two options do.… Read more

How to Get a Dissolution of Marriage

Posted May 15, 2021 by admin

how to get a dissolution of marriage

You and your spouse have reached a fork in the road and have decided to go your separate ways. Neither one of you is at fault, and you both agree that ending the marriage is what’s best. You technically have three options if you live in the state of Ohio.… Read more