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Child Support in Ohio: 5 Common Questions and Answers

Posted April 11, 2022 by admin

child support in ohio

Child support in Ohio is typically established and ordered by the County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), Domestic Relations Court, or Juvenile Court. Since each county has its own Child Support Enforcement Agency, Juvenile Court, and Domestic Relations Court, there are guidelines to stipulate the appropriate child support amounts.… Read more

Unmarried Fathers’ Rights in Ohio: A Quick Guide

Posted April 1, 2022 by admin

unmarried fathers rights in Ohio

Under Ohio law, when an unmarried woman gives birth to a child, she is automatically considered the sole residential and legal guardian unless the court has already granted custody to someone else. As an unwed father, you’re likely wondering what an unmarried father’s rights in Ohio actually are, and when you should contact a father’s custody rights attorney.… Read more